What's your favourite way to have potatoes?

You heard me...PO-TAY-TOES! I like mine as potato mash together with a beef pie.

I peel my potato first, then slice it like apples. Then I prepare my meatball. After I prepare my meatballs, I fill the tomato sauce in a large bowl. I put the meatballs and potatoes on it. Then i put it in the oven,and wait.While i'm waiting I play rapid and post in Off-Topic . Then i see a topic about POTATOES! I write my delicious recipe there.That's it. Now I will get the potatoes out of the ove-Wait a minute, this burning smell... POTATOES, NO !!!

There's a few going for the chip play. Anyone like salt and vinegar chips? I swear they are the most polarising flavour. You either love them or hate them.

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