What sport will be invented next?

I want to see a sport which combines baseball and ice hockey, so that I may view a contest between the Los Angeles Angels and the New Jersey Devils.

I think standard sports and games will just get upgraded like with VR and brain-neural interface implants. Like imagine playing football/soccer with built-in communication upgrades and sensors, or playing chess or video games with your thoughts lol

Otherwise, I'm waiting for the local space ship race.

I think I was born a century too early.

@ShiningDrongo said in #8:
> Zero g or just lower g is a new realm of possibilities. In a swimming pool on the Moon you probably could jump high out of the water like a dolphin.
I suck at physics, but doesn’t lower gravity mean less propulsion while swimming?
Lower density water due to lower gravity means a little less water resistance, sure, but with a terribly streamlined figure of a human body the lack of propulsion (or easier/faster yet less efficient propulsion) would only work if you actually stay afloat better and thus reduce the drag created by the „stickiness“ of water, which should be quite similar or even indifferent of gravity.

Jumping out of the water like a dolphin seems like a stretch to me, as the human body barely stays afloat, so density difference ain’t large enough to profit much of a lower gravity. For gravity to become super useful you’d need a figure that’s much better streamlined than a human body. When diving, the terrible shape makes it kinda hard to combat the surface friction. Let’s assume that you can combat friction with some really fast and efficient leg stroke while minimizing frontal surface (I’m almost sure that using your arms at all here immediately defeats the purpose except for one last pull before exiting surface maybe if you can do it super fast). Then you could calculate the speed needed to shoot up out of the water to reach a certain height at 1/6g.
Let’s say dolphins go out of the water 2-3m on Earth then that’s basically 2-3m more than a human can do, the second you lose propulsion you come to a halt, so it’s all about max velocity, which probably can’t be doubled or tripled or whatever you need to jump that high, as friction kills such a clumsy body and you can’t reach the speed. A shark or dolphin on the other hand could probably do amazing trick jumps as they handle the surface friction better.

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