What is the chess version "harmony chess" ?


I solved this stuff and I am willing to show you.

Solution in the most difficult starting position (full board) is possible in less than 100 moves.

No cheats are necessary. Only pawns are allowed to take pawns.

Now LiChess can delete this thread.

Total harmony was restored in this thread.

It did only cost the half of my life, but it was worth it.

I started this thing and now I end it.

Please don't post in this thread anymore.


I don't delete it by myself.

I asked the LiChess Moderators, but they are maybe too busy.

What is the goal of harmony chess @Bishop1964? Bishop i don't think they would have the time to delete this thread even if you did want them to, they're always kinda busy :P

It's official: this thread has become a tulpa

it think the end of the game will interesting, need try it.

You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!