What is the chess version "harmony chess" ?


And please, do us both a favour. Stop trying to insult me.

You are the perfect tester for my new funny chess version. It seems that you only play all of the other funny chess versions which are available on Lichess.

The problem as you state it, you start from the end position and at some stage you are adding pawns to reach the start position. The new pawns must be spawned diagonally the old pawns. This problem might not have a solution!

Better try the 8 pawn version (for each side) and see what you get.

I suspect there must be positions for which there may not be a solution.

I have no time to do rigorous analysis now, do it yourself.


That is my original thought and this should be the last version

Both sides have only 8 pawns. But then the pawns must move according to new rules.

The pawns must be able then to move diagonally without taking a pawn. Or they must leap over each other.

This version will be the total harmony, because no pieces or pawns get killed.

But this version must be newly programmed.

To make something work right now, I have added more pawns.

But this beta-version is even more challenging to solve.

I tried and failed miserably.

Maybe @FunnyAnimatorJimTv wants to try it.

The study is in Posting #4

I was almost able to solve the beta-version.
After 136 moves I reached the endposition. But I had only 6 pawns for each side left. The e and d pawns got lost.
But for my first total try not so bad.

You have to make a lot of manouvering, need a lot of patience.
I guess it is necessary to develop the proper strategy for the pawns first.

So what does this prove? First, that your problem is unsolvable with diagonal pawn capture/

And secondly, remove the pawns or make them pass over one another and your variant is futile and always solvable with backtracking.

Not at all interesting, and a waste of brain grey matter...


I don't know if this proves something.

Maybe I found the best solution by accident. But I think that this thing is solvable, if someone tries a little bit harder than I did.

It was at least a little bit entertaining. A bit like a jigsaw puzzle, which had lost some of its pieces.

"But I think that this thing is solvable"

You wanna bet? I am not gonna tell u, if you want to spend the rest of your life tryin'a solve it...


I have added a 4th chapter with a few more pawns in the middle, because in the third chapter only 7 pawns for each side survived the pawn battle. But maybe there is a better solution than mine.

Maybe @Turkeyeng wants to try this out. He is famous for his puzzle stuff, especially the very complicated ones.

Sorry, it was not my intention to tease you.

I was happy to meet you in this study and wanted to motivate you.

Please try again. I promise that I will leave you alone in this study.

Or you can clone this study and make your own study. This will guarantee that you will be alone forever.

Or you can join the development team for this chess version ? But then you would be alone with me again inside of a study. I know that this is really hard stuff. I know what I am talking about. I have a lot of experience with being alone with me in tight rooms.