What is the chess version "harmony chess" ?

Has anybody of you ever heard about a chess version, which is called "harmony chess" ?

I want to find out this before I start to develop this new version ?

We all know, the world is big and there are a lot of people who have invented things.
Some of these things became great successes, others things failed miserably.

Maybe somebody before me has had this simple idea ? Maybe this chess version already exists ?

I hope you understand, that I don't want to waste my precious time with something which already exists.

But I have to explain more about harmony chess.

This is a version which is not belligerent like all other versions.

There are no wins, their are not even draws, there are only points and harmony everywhere .The people who play, don't play against each other. Instead they play as a team against each other with a common goal in mind.

It is the goal to bring harmony back to the chess board.

At the beginning the world on the board is in complete disarray. The starting position is a random fisher (aka 960cgess) position.
The starting position is called "total chaos".

At the end of the game the standard starting position of chess has been restored, but the white and black pieces have changed the side of the board.
The endposition is called "total harmony".

The pieces don't take each other, there are no victims, nobody gets lost in this game.
The pieces only dance around in the most efficient way. There will be formations which are called the 2 knights tango or the 4 knights tango. The rook waltz and stuff like that. Any many more things which I don't know right know.

Maybe somebody of you is interested in becoming member of a team with this name: Lichess - harmony chess.

Ok, now I a m waiting for your responses.

P.S. By the way, this is not a joke as my usual stuff. I am dead serious about this thing.


Maybe this is the real reason for this project, maybe I want to bore everybody with this chess version ?

Or maybe not, maybe there are a lot of people who want to play chess in a more peaceful and cooperative way ?

But I guess , you are not interested in becoming a member of the development team ?

Only people, who ask the following question in their first posting, are suited for becoming team member : How is it possible to bring all pawns to the other side, without killing each other ?

I made a test study.

I had to use 16 pawns for each side.

Try to solve this.

Only pawns are allowed to take pawns in this beta version. Don't cheat.

Clone my study. Solve the riddle in your study and then post it here.

I guess you didn't even try to solve it.

But I haven't solved it yet. Waiting for somebody who has the patience to do this for me.

I guess this guy will live in harmony with the rest of the world after solving.

By the way, cheating is not allowed. Only pawns are allowed to take pawns in this beta version.


That is true for the first 2 chapters, because these are interactive studies without moves.
The first 2 chapters are only in this study for explanation.

You can play in chapter 3. look at the name of the chapters.

Your problem is trivial to say the least. Same for your variant.

One starts from the starting position in chess, then moves the pieces, until the random starting Fisher position you gave us is reached.

Then reverses the steps and solves your riddle.

If you haven't grasped such a simple idea yet, how do you expect us to believe that you can develop anything? Developing team har-har I am rolling on the floor laughing...


Did you even take a look in the study which you can reach with the link posted in #4 ?

I guess not ?

Because your description is completely wrong.

You start with the random fisher position and 16 pawns for each side.

Then all of white's pieces move to black's side and the otherway around. The end position is the normal position, but wuth changed colours.

In the whole process both sides must lose 8 pawns, at least in this beta-version.

Pieces are not allowed to take pawns. Only pawns take pawns.

You can of course cheat in this study because here you can take pawn with pieces. But this is a cheat.

Clone my study and find a solution.

Then post your study here in the thread.

Prove that this problem is trivial. Show the solution.