What do you know about another countries?!

We have read about the continents of the world/ China, America, Russia, Iran, Israel, etc.

I've a strong feeling that people will grossly overestimate what they know of countries based on very questionable sources. I currently live in the US, and it's evident that people here don't know much about their own country and history.

Four of the five countries you list either are a new country, or underwent fundamental changes to their governance and culture over the past eighty years as the world itself underwent fundamental changes.

@chummer I know about America because it is said a lot in the international news , And most of the books we read are written by American authors and...

@Donya1386 You raise an interesting question: what can we learn from a nation by its arts? Is there a difference between literature and music or painting? Do we look at the most popular today, or the works which are considered 'classics'?

Do you have a book which helped shape your opinion of the United States?

I have many books, but they are more about the general history of the United States and there is no separate explanation of the states of the United States. In fact, I read two types of books, one about American history and the other about famous people. Wikipedia is a very complete site, so it can be said that yes I can learn everything from this site about all states and read about them. Although I am not American, I can give a brief explanation of the names of at least twenty states that are asked of me. @chummer

China, Russia, Iran, Israel, etc. ARE NOT continents

I just know one thing about other countries
All countries are located on earth