What do you eat while playing Lichess?

@LChessMaster3 I was playing with a a friend when suddenly that friend told me that he/she thought that I was literally going eat his/her chess pieces. We were playing OTB...

a random guy comes to lichess and gets a billion-dollar business idea reading this forum
" I'm gonna make edible chess pieces!"

I ate magic mushrooms and played a chess session once. It led to interesting games, I think I went 3-1-1

Multiple things, I will play chess when having my dinner most evenings, so will play a longer time in these matches. Eat nothing playing bullet.

@Savage_Cactus #50

Just you use your mouse as a spoon,or do you see chicken noodle soup as a finger-food?

lolol @bunyip i can eat with my left hand, and play ultra with my right! I'm a multi-tasker!

I'm actually left handed, but i can play chess and use a right handed mouse with my right soo it all works out (:

And if i do it right, i can never have the Chicken Noodle Soup touch my mouse and just my left hand. But then it gets complicated when i chat lol. So in a matter of seconds my whole keyboard is covered in grease. It's not a good feeling 🙄