What are you thankful for?

Post something you're grateful for! It can be anything... I want to get 100 things people are grateful for before Thanksgiving!

#1 I'm thankful for my amazing cousins!

I am thankful for the great friends I have... Even though I don't have much chances to see them and I miss them.

Ok, I'm such a spoilsport XD
I'm thankful for Lichess to exist so this thread can be here :D

Thanks to my cat, Misty, for bravely defending me from random stuffed animals. We all know the danger in those.

@EnBeeTea Thanks! It was originally going to be swimmergirl272... but aquagirl sounds better ;)

I am also grateful for my swim team!

I am thankful for my class.
Me: Opens a pack of gum
Whole Class: We've known each other,for so long