Trump v.s. Hillary

No obama can’t run a president cant serve more than two terms in general (there have been exceptions) @Savage_Cactus

@shrapnal i thought the rule was you couldn't serve more than 2 consecutive terms but you could come back after another election.

But really i think he could do it.
(and im more of a republican myself)


I just wish trump would testify or whatever. If he is innocent he shouldn’t have anything to lose. Then the US could move on. It’s unfair to us that he has to increase the strife between the parties by belaboring it.

Both are pretty strange but... No offence...who wants a crazy lady running our country and a racist man running our country. Racisim is pretty bad in this county.

Looks like the bots are multiplying. Maybe we ARE in the T3 timeline after all. Sorry for the misinformation, @box_boxed

Go Trump Go
The Criminally Negligent News network is counting