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  3. Top 10 chess players of all time, you won't believe number 7!

Raymond Keene and Nathan Divinsky's book Warriors of the Mind attempts to establish a rating system claiming to compare directly the strength of players active in different eras, and so determine the strongest player of all time. Considering games played between sixty-four of the strongest players in history, they came up with the following top ten:
1. Kasparov
2. Karpov
4. Botvinnik
5. Capablanca
6. Lasker
7. Korchnoi
8. Spassky
9. Smyslov
10. Petrosian

why wont we believe number 7? Korchnoi is a legend who was world number 2 longer than anyone else that ever lived.

Or let's say he got to almost all the finals of all the chess tournaments played during his career of over 50 years.

They may be the ones that like winning the most, but the BEST is Vassily Ivanchuk.

Magnus 1#

Anybody who denies Carlsen the number one spot displays a very childish and immature nature. One only needs to look at the numbers and it becomes apparent that he, indeed, is the real #1!

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