There will be no national borders in the future.

The world will be already unified 1000 years later.
No country will be there.
And Aliens will come to earth.
The world law will be enacted.
Aliens might attack earth and a war might happen between humans and aliens.
What do you think about that.

@SCAHD The aliens are going to kill all humans. No more human countries. You are right.

@JoelHoge Doctor strange told me that only one outcome out of over 14 million possible is where we will come out victorious.

Well I just reject such defeatism, mankind will prevail!

How did I alrerady know your position on this? I'm guessing you're a feminist as well. Don't make me start arguing about man-made climate change, it's going to be another Trump thread that the mods will close.

National borders are only village borders writ large.As soon as you manage to rewrite Human Nature to eliminate the prime instinct to survive,you can erase the borders which represent that palisade we all erect to keep out the bad guys.Until that day,don't throw your passport away.

Humanity is on a path to its death. There is no hope.