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  3. The most entertaining Lichess player!

I'm curious...
Which one do you people think is the most entertaining Lichess player???
I don't ask about IM penguingm1 and CM Kingscrusher-YouTube... We all know about them!
I mean like an ordinary guys who aren't famous but have their unique style!
My nomination - a guy called "rintintin"!!! If you check him out you'll see what I mean!
Any other suggestions please?

@Dobrevmotorsport Kingscrusher is anything but entertaining. He barely talks while he's streaming.

I really like IM Astaneh and GM RaphaeI.

No man! Not these guys.
I mean just ordinary guys.
Did you see that fellow - rintintin?

What's special about rintintin? I played against him three times, but I didn't find anything...

@pawnspanker for sure.
He always plays weird openings and traps.


i make the lolziest moves

I is the bestest username on lichesss.coms
I plays best openings and bestest traps in ultrablitzs
I believes that me plays is so interesting
I always plays with time cheater and they time cheater but still plays gud chessss
I like lichess.coms better than chess.govs

In general, trolls are the most interesting

Especially the interesting ones

@Dobrevmotorsport the most entertaining players are the entertaining ones.