The forums are too serious lately, so here is an amusing rant I wrote around Thanksgiving.

Funny thing actually. For ever I tried to get my coffee at home to taste like the Tim Horton coffee. I bought their brand, I tried different strengths, I gennerally never put sugar in my coffee but it was driving me nuts that I couldn't replicate the larg triple/triple it is just a large with 3 cream 3 sugar and it tasted so much better than my home made. Now this is going to sound so trivial you might worry about my well being, but one day when I wasn't even thinking about it, I just wanted Somthing a bit smoother than bitter black coffee, the only thing I had in the fridge and I only bought it for some confection recipe, was a carton of real dairy cream. I put that in my coffee took a drink and had a ureka moment. It tasted exactly like Tim Hortons and it never occurred to me to use real cream. Most coffee creamers are dairy or lactose free. The only coffee creamers at my local Wal-Mart have no real cream in them. Ofcouce I felt like an idiot for not thinking of it sooner but most publicly distributed beverages never use milk products because fear of someone lactose intolerant getting sick and trying to sue them. or because of veganism or what not.

In this case, Indian is used to refer to NDNs, or Native Dudes in the North (as in North America). This was the term used by Miles Standoffish, and I decided to use it to give the piece a certain atmosphere reminiscent of those days.

@clousems I enjoyed the humor in you original post. Definitely a couple laugh out loud moments. Didn't mean to hijack with my coffee rant.

I remember watching an old western movie and they had the cowboy actors using the term "ingins" I'm guessing it may have been widely used in the old west Comanche/Apache territories where there were the pale face settlers.

Apparently, y'all haven't been reading the ramblings.
Here's a selection of randomly chosen sentences and groups of sentences from them, to show you what you're missing:
-His love for Belle was so great that he even tried to defeat the Sasquatch with nothing but his kung-fu skills, before the villainous Wendigo defenestrated him
- CHUDists believe that the shoes are left by forgetful Cannibal Humanoid Underground Dwellers, while the Chaos Theoreticians believe in a more scientific approach: since entropy occurs, this means that random shoes will appear in road ways
- I am relatively certain that those snails in "Aenigma" were doing the cabbage patch in slow motion
-So eventually, they all landed in Plymouth, minus the ones who were killed by a raiding party of vengeful narwhals
-Sear's was so impressed by my vigilanitsm that they wanted to purchase the exclusive rights to a clothing line inspired by my hip, sexy vigilante outfits
-This is further evidence of the highly Stalinistic policies of lemurs.
-Naturally, pelting shoplifters with morality muffins while dressed as a Jani Lane has lead to some confusion with the authorities, but aside from this, I feel as though the whole vigilante thing has gone quite swimmingly.
- Do not buy candy. Instead, give trick-or-treaters various household chores. That way, they get something, and you save money on a plumber.
-Are people born with Lemmy? Do people achieve Lemmy? Do people have Lemmy thrust upon them? If so, who are the proper authorities to contact when this occurs?
-Start wildly implausible rumors about your neighbor, as these will spread, ideally to your landlord.

My inner pedant leaves me no choice but to point out in as friendly a way as I can force myself towards that it's "injuns".The most cursory skimming of any early Tom Mix silent movie subtitling will verify this.


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