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I have noticed twice today, that i wrote kind in a forum and it changed the word to "king". Either i have a psyche turned into chess, subconsciously, or there is some kind of a bug. strange
kind kind kind

if you're on your phone, it could autocorrect it to King.

Whenever I listen to the song "Can I play with Madness?" I always hear "Can I play with Magnus?" I think what you are experiencing may be a Caissaian Slip as well.

It has all the classic hallmarks of a tech-savvy spirit trying to get through to you from the other side.

They say that Autocorrect has stopped all malapropisms. But that's wrong. Autocorrect has replaced old malapropisms and come up with new ones.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Thank you all for responses, i only created the thread to check if there is some lichess server-side automation changing the words. Like in the old dislectic wikipedia. But it all came out that it was me pressing G instead of D with my pointing finger instead of the middle one on the computer chessboard - i found it later writing some comment on youtube. I am not sure why would i use "kind" word so many times in expressing my thoughts, but king is justified.

Today's episode has been sponsored by the "malapropism" term. Best Regards!

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