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What is y'alls obcession with takebacks on this site? It's probably just just elo,out of the like 4 "Rapid" 15 minutes games I've played in past few days, people ask for takebacks as soon as they notice a blunder. The first game I accepted it tho, 2 moves of tackback. So yeah coming from the other chess site, are takebacks a pretty common thing here or what?

Because all noobs gather here and bother the experienced players with takebacks, rematches and chatting during the games.

Don‘t do that! Play chess according to the official rules and chat solely in the forum. Be like Sarg0n.

I have used and accepted takebacks before (I accepted four of them in a single game once) but am thinking about disabling them, I always use move confirmation, and I feel that if mouse slips are a problem for someone they should use it as well (and if they want the slight time advantage of not using move-confirm they should have to accept the risk of a mouse slip)......on the other hand, I feel a bit mean refusing a takeback on an obvious slip.
I understand that some people might want a more forgiving and friendly environment where blunders can be taken back......on the other hand, getting used to having to suffer from your mistakes will teach them to be more careful, and no-one will give a takeback in an OTB tournament.
I am still pondering about that one......

If you want takebacks, play casual. Should be easy as that.
But for some, it isn't.


Just switch it off and you will never have this problem.

I only ask if it is a mouse slip. I only accept if it appears likely to be a mouse slip. Never ever more than once in a game.

I now have takebacks set to "in casual games only", move-confirm prevents finger-slip, and if my opponents have mouse-slip or finger-slip...that is the cost of the clock time saved by disabling move-confirm.
I am not sure what Sarg0n has against rematches thought, I usually accept provided I have time to play it.

Heres how i deal with opponents.

takebacks: sometimes, but not often. The feeling of finding a better move after you played a move sucks especially when your now losing after it. Its something people have to learn to deal with. Unfortunately it takes some longer than others and gives us time to practice patience.

when your losing and getting upset: do something else. A game that i enjoy is poppit. Train your calculating skills differently than chess. I've lost more won games when angry even in totally won positions.

When someone's letting time run out in a lost game: I wait until 0.72 and add 15 secs and do it for a long time. I have nothing but time . But its a dick move stop doing it please!

When someones chatting nasty: Block and report if its bad enough. I've actually encountered an opponent who was banned after i reported them. This site is awesome so try and act awesome!

Anyways i just wish that all the bs to stop and adults try and act like adults.

oh and exercise . I personally hate running and jogging (wears on the joints) I've found after the last 5 years of inline skating its the best for weight loss, muscle toning, balance and pretty much else except when you fall . I live in new york state so im limited from now until september.. my chess sucks in the winter when the depression hits hard. but now that its summertime and i can clear some of this smoke out of my lungs I'm happier and i play better!

In northwestern parts of the amazonian rain forest, witnessing someone asking for take-back is considered a bad omen bringing bad luck to the tribe. In order to appease the spirits, the culprit will be mercilessly killed and his head reduced to the size of an small grapefruit.

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