story TIme!

We are going to make a very long story. Each person posts 1 sentence that gos with the story. Every 100 posts, a new story starts. So, to start off the first story this is the sentence: Billy was a very silly kid.

The story is called Silly Billy

Billy wasn't like the other kids, all he ever wanted to do, was to play chess.

It all started wen he saw a poster for a new library chess club on the wall while grocery shopping with his uncle.

He was so addicted to chess that he did not want to do anything else

He played and played until one day Billy met GM Ben Finegold.

Finegold had a weathered leathery face.

Finegold just grinned and checkmated him in one.

Billy didnt really like this, so he kept playing again and again but Finegold just kept laughing and laughing as he beat up onn billy.