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A good programmer provides sound commentary at every little snippet of code, so the next developer can actually easily understand what the hell these scarcely readable lines of gibberish are supposed to be about. Not too many sound programmers around in this sense.

Book of football team approaches, option 3.1415d:
Put some flashy guy on the pitch who draws all the attention, while the others score the goals.

Using a readable language, for example Python, also helps quite a bit.

"A good programmer provides sound commentary at every little snippet of code".

I reject your claim. Trying to fix unreadable code with comments is a sign of inexperience.

Comments are for stating general ideas at what a given block does. If someone wants to know how it's done, they read it more in-detail, and possibly even find an improvement.

Minimising "experience" as a barrier for other's participation. Creating an elite by waving "lack of experience" and complex jargon in people's faces isn't impressive, it's misguided arrogance. Anyone with a good mind should be given as easy an access as one can provide.

It's the difference between a nerd and a good programmer.

You minimize the barrier by writing readable code. Writing comments just teaches newcomers bad habits. Then they'll end up like you.

It's teaching "newcomers" there's no need to be intimidated by earlier seat-takers such as you.

In other words, the difference between a good and a bad teacher.