Shogi Sekai (Shogi World)

I live in the contiguous US. Does anyone know how to get ahold of a copy of Shogi Sekai? Buying a single issue from is around 15 usd after shipping, and sites offering to sell and ship subscriptions list 12 issues for around 240 usd, which works out to 20 usd per issue. I'd like to buy electronic editions to avoid shipping, but the kindle version from is quote "not available for your country". Do I make an alt account for and put Japan as my country? Would that work? Or are there any other magazines or websites more accessible to Americans which report recent shogi games?

I utilize 81dojo to play Shogi, I'm afraid I haven't heard of Shogi Sekai. I imagine the kindle version is "region locked". I've had an issue watching DVDs I've purchased overseas for that reason, and yes - the workaround you describe usually solves the issue (but you may not be able to use some materials you've purchased in the US). I have a friend who runs a "ghost computer" within his computer to solve this very issue, and he can switch between them at will.

I'm afraid I don't know if 81dojo reports shogi games. I just hopped on to see, and I think they do in the japanese section of the forum.

I hope that helps! I'm Ronyk on there, if you run across me and want to play a game.

Thank you for the response,

I play on 81dojo as well. Hidetchi mentioned Shogi Sekai in one of his videos. I think my computer would choke running a VM; it barely runs Linux.

Thank you for the invitation, hopefully we'll encounter eachother there at some point.

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