Share what Browser You use

Hi everyone!
I've been using this browser called 'Brave', and I LOVE it! It works butter smooth for lichess! It amazing! You guys should check it out!

I use Google Chrome browser. it works good, at writing is amazing and fast.

@dominic03 The Mosaic broswer is the browser that made WWW (World Wide Web) popular!
I personally use Google chrome. Its' simple and I can use the same account as on google chrome on my phone and all the apps that need one. So for exemple, I have the same contacts, calender, diary, digital notebook, etc both on my phone and computer, very practical!
Good evening,

@Stijn_B being serious though, I love to use Chrome on my desktops and laptops, though I prefer Safari for my iPad.

tbh, mosaic would probably be an upgrade over aol