Saint Sarg0n

I feel like it is high time we canonize the CM known to us in the lichess community as @Sarg0n. This man has somehow managed to have the patience to explain why knight and king vs pawn and king is not a flag draw approximately 8 million times in both the General Chess Discussion and the Lichess Feedback. He has endured a cornucopia of reactions, from thankfulness to accusations of not knowing the rules of chess. The required patience for this is Mother Teresa-esque, and we need to recognize it.
Since lichess doesn't give out LM titles anymore (and since he technically already has a title), I propose we give him the unofficial title of Saint Sarg0n the first, Patr0n Saint of Nearly Insufficient Mating Material.

My religion doesn't allow canonization.

Yes Sarg0n has been assisting people here including myself for a long time. Whenever I see Sarg0n in my news feed I'm always visiting the topic to take in any wise advice he may have left there.

@clousems ... Patron Saint seems a tad pre-emptive.

How about "Grand Clarifier of the Society of The Knights That Go "NIMM"?

What about the knights who say "knee" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail ?
I always like to see what Sarg0n has to say. He is definitely a no nonsense kind of guy. His insights are welcome. :]

I don't own one of those brown robes but, yeah. Absolutely.

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