Robert Mueller Report: Outline For Prosecution | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

I'm preparing for SFEXIT.

that'll be when the US SPACE FORCE leads the way in America colonizing and capitalizing the rest of universe, leaving you nerds behind. PEW PEW PEW!

later, losers. =P

I'm just wondering why there is no blindfold on mobile? Can someone please explain? 🤔


Thank you. The US government is running fantastically under his administration. GDP and stocks are up, unemployment down. Hating on Donald Trump is something ignorant and angry people do because they think its socially safe to do so. Its like talking shit about a band you've never listened to because other people talk shit about them. Its a circle jerk and harmful to the entire civilized world.

example: Mueller Report is a gigantic nothing-burger. all that wasted time, money, effort and energy, all to appease cringey 'social justice warriors' (who are often the biggest sexist and racist bunch of anyone). These people need to find a new hobby.

#34 You know, some people hate him for being a violent, racist narcissist and a terrible human being and trade negotiator; for appointing a cabinet hell-bent on destroying education, science, net neutrality, and anti-monopolistic regulation; and for openly threatening to imprison or do violence against political adversaries. He makes Petyr Baelish look normal, just saying.


I believe your accusations are falsehoods repeated by the aforementioned circlejerk.

"The platonician bet relies on the belief that, through the use of dialectics, two people of good faith, will overcome their differences in opinion and agree in the end."
F. Châtelet

Platon was an optimistic jerk, just saying.

Remember when we were kids, putting our hands on our ears and yelling over and over : "I can't hear you. I can't hear you.""?

By the way, i started a less controversial thread :

Anyone that uses the news as a source of true knowledge, left (msnbc) or right (fox), is a schmoe that can't find the doorknob., edited for spelling

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