Which is heavier? 1kg of steel or 1kg of water?( A two-year old could solve this )

This is a classic one, they're obvisiouly both as heavy as each other since they're both 1 kg.

Maybe this guy has played too many ultra bullet games ?

(Note : I don't want to insult ultra bullet players)

I was asked on a damage control test: "Is CO2 heavier than air?". After explaining why my answer was correct, they changed it to "If you spray CO2 into a space, will it float or sink?", which I couldn't get them to understand why this was also wrong.

Railroad Crossings, Railroad Cars...Can You Spell That Without Any R's ? :]

Yes...That's just need to pay attention. every once and awhile I get someone ..trying to respell Railroad...without an R... Look down inside your shirt...and spell out loud "Attic" I have embarrassed many with that... Why do humming birds hum ?