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Hello! I'm reaching the point where I would like to enter tournaments, but before doing so I would like to create an opening repertoire. I enjoy aggressive chess and honestly I do not mind the position which arises, but I just want to be familiar with major ideas of the opening. I would gladly play games with strong players if they would want a more specific idea of my style of play....

As white I do not mind the opening as long as symmetry can be avoided (1. c4, 1. e4, 1. d4, 1. Nf3 are all fine). As black I would like to play the Dutch or Horwitz Defense against d4 (1... e6, 1...f5), against e4 I am unsure what to play.

Please feel free to message and/or challenge me (30+ minutes) to gain an understanding for my style of play.

Thanks, Nathan

If you go for 1. d4 e6 as Black, you better add the French (1. e4 e6) to your repertoire against 1. e4. That is probably not a bad choice anyway if you want to play aggressively and avoid symmetry. I could recommend Viktor Moskalenko's books (Flexible French/Diamond Dutch), "Attacking Chess / The French" by Simon Williams might also be worth a look. In any case, good luck with your tournaments!

Thanks for the great book recommendations, HappyCruncher! I will definitely add the french into my repertoire, although I'm unsure of what to open up as white.

You're in the wrong forum---this on on topic.

I'm 1750, so maybe I'm not of much help, but I'm trying to create an opening repertoire too. Imma jot down my notes from today.

Check this out:

Think about picking pawn structures you're happy with.

I have a strategy to pick openings that create the same pawn structures so I am familiar with the positions. For example, I started with the queens gambit (which I'm sick of), then try to pick similar black pawn structures. I play the Alekhine as black, and find I usually get an open E file and a pawn on d5 --->
Which matches the Queen's gambit declined, or caro-slav formation. Those are the other two openings I play---the caro-kann and the slav defense.

I just looked at all my B02-B05 Alekhine games and noticed the pawn structure primarily goes into the caro-slav formation, or the e5 chain, or the panov. The e5 chain looks just like the french.

I opened up chessbase and used the position search feature to see which pawn structures I get into the most. Here's the breakdown for me.

out of 595 classical lichess games:
108 caro-slav formation (70 as black)
89 e5 chain formation (79 as black)
74 queens gambit orthodox exchange (59 as white)

out of all 2431 games:
289 e5 chain formation (237 as black)
84 caro formation (74 as black)
77 slav formation (20 as black)
54 panov formation (30 as black)

859 isolani (IQP) (427 as white)
371 hanging pawn (248 as white)
135 stonewall formation (112 as white)
101 queens gambit orthodox exchange (70 as white)
58 d5 chain formation (42 as white)

Thanks for the feedback, but I don't really have a preferred pawn formation, maybe the stonewall formation is my most preferred structure, but honestly I am willing to learn many and all structures

Opening Repertoire stupid below 2000-2100 learn to play chess.
White does not decide what "Opening" any way
But for what it is worth the three ways I open the game
1 d4
if black and white plays e4 I play d5 if white play d4 I play f6 allways
Of course I could get drunk and play 1e4

@Stephenson an opening repertoire is good for everyone. Even below 2000. As long as you know how to move the pieces and can solve simple mate in ones you should be developing some kind of opening repertoire even if its basic.

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