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  3. Rating of tactical puzzels, how done?

I have problems to understan correctness of elo ratin of tactical puzzles. My level is more than 2000.
(1) my game skills far from this level -down
(2) sometime I solve 2100 elo puzzle
Sometimes not rarely I have difficulties with 1300 level

Rating is not elo

Rating scale of games is not the rating scale of puzzles (different populations)

The two scales should be roughly proportional - but not necessarily - you may be good at finding a given tactic, but poor at strategy/endgames, so your actual rating suffers as a consequence

Blunders happen - so you can blunder a 1300 puzzle and get a 2000 one

Some people take those puzzle seriously, others not. Also, puzzles on lichess often don't require you to point out the crucial point of the variation you gave, because the computer just goes bananas in an effort to not let the numbers rise too high.