Posting Screenshots meta-lichess (one up)

i did a search about posting images in forum posts. not much.

it seems one can embed lichess modules (better word?), even interactive ones. However, i don't even know how to do that (sub-question, en passant, here).

But, i would like to post in bug/report/suggestions about behavior that is not directly wihtin lichess, but one step up, about the browser that lichess is rendered in. For example, printing as pdf and various custom parameters such as page format, margins, scale.

I can capture the screen where those options are and the effect on the rendering of lichess in the preview (chrome, btw).

i'd like to share those shots (perhaps with some dimension constraints).

where is the info on what's possible or not in this forum?

thanks for any help.

To insert a game or a study, just post a link to it. As for pictures, upload it to an image sharing service and again post the link here. It will not render as a picture in the forum page but the link will work.

(but funny, ... not lol but zygomatic tonic on the long run, also surprisingly simple finds off the beaten path)

Thanks for the pointers

motivation to learn about those image sharing service. I have clicked on those already, never actually used.

i will come back here for completion, for the particular solution(s) i finally use. for other newbies to forum posting.

PS: how can i insert a tab (besides spaces) in this interface? It interprets my tab key pressing as a browsing command. shift-tab?

@tors42 i will try all of them unless you tell me before which way should i embed the link. offers 6 or 7 ways to write the link. There is no hope of rendiering those images here, am i right. So i guess a plain text link will do.

This blog interface does not interpret the options presented by, no?

anyway, when all my images uploaded, i will see.

So the second proposition is the best for me, as the some of the hosting site interface is showing, enabling the file name (which i made descriptive), to be seen. the first and the third just show the image maximized, but we all know how to zoom in a browser, so the file name is my choice.

to recap, it is the second option after the domain name. here is link to a capture of the window proposing the embedding options.


so the https:// disapears. There is some interpretation after all.

i don't know the syntax to do verbatim. so the quotes were useless to show the https:// prefix.

that's ok. i will be able to make my point visually in my other thread.

using the viewer url proposed by

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