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  3. Outline of the History of England

-Stonehenge etc
-Celts there
-Romans take it all (a few AD- ~470AD)
-Romans go; Angles, Saxons and people called Jutes come
-Viking attacks. They found towns and mix with others
-Normans take it all at 1066, then they go
-Medieval England and after, I don't know really
*Hundred Years War around 1350-1450. Jeanne D'Arc and some knights involved
*Henry Idk the number. He founded the Anglican Church because of some woman etc
*King James Bible. Nice stuff
*Shakespeare. He invented new vocabulary etc
-Cromwell and some civil war & parliamentary revolution around 1650
-British Empire conquers the world and fucks it up. Creoles etc. Unnecessary new words from the third world
-Engels comes up somewhere, he's from Manchester
-1915-6: At Gallipoli we kicked them out of Bosphorus
-Second World War (Churchill)
I don't care about the rest. Thatcher (privatized everything and people call her a bitch), Tony Blair (Iraq)

What can you add?

How does Engels fit in there ?

By the way :

Why Japan?

It's just the style of abridging things, leaving out on many inportant dates and events , all adding to the whole funniness of Posts or videos like this.

Also, this was quite popular (on reddit, f.ex.)

The Normans never left; they still have almost all the land and money. Look at the Royal coat of arms 'Dieu et mon droit. Honi soit qui mal y pense'.

What do you expect? Of course I'm reading serious things but at the end of the day that's what I know by heart. Add some humor and this outline comes up.

I like it as cool, maybe you could just convert it into a video as well ,
I'm not so serious about this,
but you could go on to try to predict its future in a short outline just like above( because you seem to know a lot about and have a good sense for Englishness, and all that belongs to it )

*I would like to learn about making videos. Is it you who made this Japan video?
*I don't know really, but thank you:)

Predictions until 2050
-Corbyn and the era of social policies
-EU collapses
-Era of 3d printers, automation, and self-governing AI systems. Coding becomes solid part of pre-school curriculum
-A huge population all around the world without any purpose

Wow, that escalated quickly...