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  3. NOTRE-DAME de Paris is burning

my heart goes to that Queen...

...and its two faithful rooks

Videos and images of the enormous fire engulfing the medieval Catholic cathedral have flooded social media. In them, enormous plumes of smoke can be seen erupting from the cathedral, with flames leaping up to its bell towers and spire, which eventually collapsed. A church spokesperson told the AP that the whole of the cathedral’s frame is on fire and television network France 24 is reporting that “the roof has entirely collapsed.”

According to the AP, the flames have spread to one of cathedral’s two rectangle towers and Notre Dame spokesperson Andre Finot told French media that “nothing will remain from the frame.”

Construction of Notre Dame began in 1163, according to the cathedral’s website, and was complete about 1250. It is one of Europe’s most-popular tourist attractions drawing about 12 million people a year to its doors.

In recent years, its hundreds of years have caused the cathedral to fall into a state of disrepair, with no clear decision about who would take up the cost for expensive restorations.

oh wow.

that's big

From the video posted there a few mins. ago (21:59): (translated from French)
"[We can consider the facade and the two towers 'saved'. The main work now lies in cooling down the structure, which could take several hours.]"

A tragedy, I hope no one was injured... :(

We are crying.
The loss of Beauty is what can draw us all together again.

Once again, fire fighters were the bravest. The 20 of them who climbed into the towers saved -in extremis- our huge and beautiful Lady of Paris from crashing to the ground.
But it is disfigured and will need to be rebuilt. This will take years and years.

To anyone of you with money enough, and/or your friends, please do contribute to the reconstruction of this world jewel. This is the official website for donations:

To anyone in need of help with translation or information, please contact me here.

man, they can build it back, but it won't be the same

The good thing is: God owns a lot of real estate, so he will not be homeless i guess...