Look at this amazing rhyming poem: It took me 2hours! I can't wait to publish it!

Look I may say,
Just if I may,
That I am gay (Happy and for it to rhyme)
For all chess players that play

When writing a poem,
realize that it hasn't have to rhyme,
if you just throw words below him,
thou may just commit a crime
end it with the rhyming word!

Afterall, look at the sky, look at the birds!

Realize, that there are a lot of stylistic devices,
eager to be used in poems like spices,
anaphoras, metaphors and exclamations
look forward for their applications.

Poetry is quite hard,
or it is just shallow
either good or fallow
mean it well - or your peom is scarred!

"Pie In the Sky"
You will Eat by and by
In that Glorious land above the Sky
Work and Pray, Live on Hay
You'll Eat Pie in the Sky, when you Die
Joe Hill :]

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