Look at this amazing rhyming poem: It took me 2hours! I can't wait to publish it!

Amazing. Such perseverance deserves praise.
I can't imagine how difficult your captcha must have been. Someone give that man a horsey.

Heck with a horsey,give him the whole damn herd! astounding,simply astounding.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sure wish I could
Write poems like you

elapsed time: 714 ms

Bing Bong
Ding Dong
12:00 PM
Clock Wrong

elapsed time: 26 hour 2 minute

there once was a guy named KnightPlays
whose struggles with poesy took days
though it made him quite happy
his debtors felt crappy
(so much for the notion "rhyme pays")

I will eat your liver
and sell your kidneys in China
Violets are blue

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