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  3. life is sh?t

life is sh?t think about it man......... born you get good something and than you die......

......everybody dies so in the end everybody will be equal than whats the point in getting good at something? i honestly would be sad if i were super smart and had 3.3k elo and own a billion $ company and get every woman in the world because i would only loose more in the end than the others.

im sometimes happy knowing i wroth little knowin i would die..........
........everybody dies even if sb not live for a 1000 years somehow? still not immortal.......lives for 999999999999999 times more than how many miliseconds passed yet in the whole time of existence of the universe? you still matter how long for you lived before. everybody is going the same destiny.........thats why life is sh?t. no matter how long you live 1 sec or 999999999 decades how much money you will have everybody goes to the tiny starting point where they all came from.

i wish i was born a fly or a ant so i would get back to the starting line faster with no other outcome almost anyways.

thats why private properties aren't that important... since you're alive just try to enjoy

thats the mindset of a suicide victim, not jokin u gotta see someone about this

i mean even magnus will die SOMETIME......i wouldnt want to be the very very best in would be so weird and when its over one will just lose more than the others.

no i never tought about any of these things thekid and won't. thats but my philosophy.

Most people arent the best when they die
Also, i didn’t say that u thought about it.
If u are the best st something enjoy ot while you are.

The Immortals: Morphy, Fischer, Tal, Karpov, Kasparov, Carlson...Lennon, Bowie, Prince ... Doestoyevsky, Tolstoy...Picasso, Van Gogh... Siddartha....

most people do the "yolo style" enjoy the 1 life u have and stuff you know i guess they are right. few people seeks power but more did in the past.

just try your best to enjoy life... its a curse but make something out of it

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