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We should get shogi but with western pieces and more wild variants like wild5 ect

Looking forward to seeing lifacebook litwitter and liyoutube as well.

very nice! I love seeing a 10x10 board in lichess style, hoping for many more variants and many more sites like this.

This is totally mindblowing. I played draughts a bit as a child, but then forgot about it. After focusing on chess so much, in which only one piece can be captured at a time, it's amazing to see the combinations that can occur in draughts.

I play English draughts. In these rules, no captures backwards are allowed by any piece except the king. King can move 1 square only in 4 directions. Board should be 8x8.

Someone must tell Ivanchuk about this new website :p

this is super cool thank you for making it

agree with startstek, ivanchuck will love this ;d

chess > checkers
but it is a cool idea

That's a nice website! I finished second behind Eric Rosen in an open blitz tournament there. It's a lot harder to do it on lichess.

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