Lichess Poll ::: Trump 2020 ::: or ::: Biden 2020? ::: Vote here.

Very simple!

I put these into a random generator, so people can't call me biased.

Vote Trump by "Laugh"
Vote Biden by "Think"
Vote Jorgenson by "Heart"
Vote "the GP" by "Horsey"

Use thumbs-down for "write-in"

Use thumbs-up if you like the polls.

You can vote multiple times, but I'd recommend not.

"This isn't for arguments"
>posts a political topic

Are you seriously this naive?

kanye west just because i want this whole thing to crash and burn...

wheres kanye west?


I'm not sure if you understand my purpose. I don't want people to comment. I obviously know the topic is inflammatory. My point is that it isn't for arguments- just vote and leave.