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  3. Liberalism and Conservatism

@GBA87 I mentioned Trump because aescht accused me of behaving like him. That accusation propably made you think that he is liberal. But IMO that is - although it is likely - not for sure.

There are conservatives who don't like Trump (never Trumpers), but they don't bring him (usually) into an unrelated argument.

And of people are confused about this thread see here:

Yes, that's why it is likely that he is liberal. But his behaviour isn't exclusive to liberals. It also exists amongst conservatives. Just read the comment section below Trump's tweets. My point is that a conservative who doesn't like Trump could bring him up as an example for that kind of misbehaviour since that is propably the reason a conservative doesn't like Trump.

I'm confused. What behavior? Criticizing Trump?

Sorry for the confusion: "You are making invalid statements. And then you claim that you know how discussions should work: people should agree to your viewpoint or else the discussion is broken. Reminds me a bit of Donald Trump, btw." That was the quote from aescht I was referring to. The behaviour I meant is what aescht accused me of in that statement.

My point was that aescht was saying that you, @Chillkroete77, was having an unfair discussion, since you weren't letting people disagree with you (I don't believe that's true, I'm just trying to summarize what aescht said), and then he went and said "I consider this an arrogant and hateful way of thinking. You call for retaliation because you consider it disrespectful. People who behave differently should be punished and this makes up a perfect world. It is not sane. It is tyrannic." He said this I'm response to the post: "The way I see it, playing a won position out to 300 moves without even trying to win the game is showing that you do not desire to win the game, and therefore forfeit your right to claim the victory.
A Draw is fair here.

And as to how this thread has gone so far, yes, it is disrespectful at best. Repeat offenders of this behaviour, in a perfect world, would be punished for it." What is hateful and arrogant about the second post? He is just saying that everyone had to agree with him, which is what he was criticizing you if saying! This reminds me of groups like antifa.

Ok, maybe it reminds you of the antifa. But it's not exclusive to them. The nazis in Germany are doing the same and from what I have seen Fox News also does that. The point is: This isn't liberal behaviour as you suggested by writing that aescht is a liberal.

Well, conservatives don't go around taking about tolerance all the time. My point is more about the hypocrisy then anything else. Also Conservative don't intimidate. They argue.

That would be marvellous. Just read the comments under Trump's tweets and you will see that there are people with such an "intimidating" behaviour on both sides.
Yes, conservatives don't go around talking about tolerance because it isn't essential to their political agenda. Liberalism builds on tolerance which is abused horribly by the antifa. Conservatism builds on keeping the laws and traditions of the past for which tolerance isn't needed.

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