Lebanon Rise Up #لبنان ينتفض

لبنان ينتفض#

My Beloved country lebanon is rising against our economy crisis.
Today we stand together as we refuse to live in humiliation.
🤞Power to the people 👊

@kazamaza and all Lebanese Lichessers: Be safe!
@CT-ART : No. A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks "why the long face?"
THAT'S a joke.

It worked great for Syria, did wonders to Libya, but don't let that stop you, go ahead and destroy another country.

The real protest would be mass exodus and not having children in the country. sell everything you own and move to another country, don't give them a soul to rule over.

get rid of sharia and all those backwards islamic laws and all your problems will be solved

When rioting against an economic crisis,it is advisable to cover those thousand dollar tatoos and avoid wearing expensive french designer-label clothing.
what a joke

Good idea. Cause large-scale damages creating the need for even more government spending and intervention for both public safety and avoiding catastrophic infrastructure damage which would spiral the economy even further into turmoil. Meanwhile, act like children, flipping the bird at the problem rather than doing something constructive. I get that you're going through a rough time, but this is making things worse. Lighting things on fire and assaulting law enforcement isn't a marketable skill. From my limited knowledge of the situation, yeah, your government does need to deregulate a bit and implement free-market practices. I just don't see where costing the state more money and damaging the land you could be reaping benefits from even begins to solve this issue. Coordinated non-violent protest can work wonders. This is just a deadly temper tantrum. Please educate me where I am wrong since this is not a country I am versed in the struggles of. I'd like to learn and make more concrete suggestions.