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15+0 sounds good

I do have a second league coming in soon

I don't know when the second league will start but i wont be available to play until tuesday, i hope there isnt any pb

yeah we will start in a week or so

Hey, guys, please, tell me what are you doing (I'm too lazy and don't want to read all 46 pages) :)

We had a tournament during the last weeks and start a new one about a week later.

Okay, if you will play rapid can I join it?

ok, sure

If there is a second League created, I would join if:
1) It's more organised and the pairings are clearly visible (e.g. a Challonge, which I could set up or help to set up)
2) It has increment :P

Ok, I agree, Can you help a little with challonge, I am new with it?

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