Just caught my first news blooper live.

So the North East US is getting a lot of storms and windy fall weather. About 30 minutes ago I was watching the Weather Channel and they switched the screen over to their field reporter it caught him off guard and the first two words you hear is a big "Aww Shit" I laughed so hard. The broadcast was muted for about 5 seconds after but it was too late and they all tried to play it of like nothing happened but looked like they were just smacked in the face.

Back in the day,the Australian national broadcast network(radio) was a very conservative organisation.All on-air ppl wore formal attire and the news was read live with no delay-button.
Here we have a very venomous spider called "Funnelweb Spider".In those days before anti-venenes it was newsworthy when someone got bitten,as it was often fatal.
The news script read "Today a woman was bitten on the finger by a funnelweb spider.
It was read as "Today a woman was bitten on the funnel by a fingerweb spider."

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