In a park people come across a man playing chess against a dog.
They were astonished and said: "What a clever dog!"
But the man protested and replied:
"No, no, he isn't that clever.
I'm leading by three games to one!"


@SquidBilly @bunyip The fact that you chose to read this thread would suggest, that you do not generally have a dislike for jokes or humor.

So you just did not like the particular jokes that were posted so far, That's fine. Everybody's tastes are different.
Instead of just moving on, you chose to take your time and make the effort to criticize them in a way that might be interpreted as rather unfriendly. No problem. Maybe you are just having a bad day. Not gonna judge you for that.

But why not contribute a joke of your own?

Let us see what makes you laugh, what puts a smile on your face?

Hitler came to visit the concentration camp. The inmates stand in line, and Hitler goes from one to the other and asks:
- How heavy are you?
- 25 kg!
- And you ?
- 23!
- You ?
- 30!
And Hitler pinches him on the cheek and says:
- Fat man !

During World War II german radio made exclusive transmission from concentration camp:
- Dear followers let me intoduce You interesting water polo game. Jews are in white caps and crodiles wear blue caps !
Ready to ruuumbble !

1953. Soviet Union. Stalin dies.
Member of communist party is asking his commissar for opinion:
- What can we do now ? Can I go to my mistress ?
- No !
- Why ?
- To make the sadness greater !

Moscow. Red square. Army is preparing for parade.
One soldier sneezes .
- Who sneezed ? asks angry general.
He said:
- Shot the first line of soldiers !
And then he asks again:
- Who sneezed ?
- Shot the second line !
- Who sneezed ?
- I sneezed !
- Bless You ! said general

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