Is Trump finally going down or do we have to suffer much longer?

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

If you are NOT in the militia,you are not referred to in this clause.

Why do you say it's ok for anyone in America to own ,let's say,a Howitzer and a few grenade launchers and bazookas?


Militia was just us, you and me, humans, civilians that could have been called to protect the country if needed, thus it is us, the people, that have the right to protection, and numerous court decisions support this.

In a bigger picture we should not need a piece of paper to allow us to protect ourselves. So if this “Constitution” said we can’t have a gun, we still should have one, the Constitution would simply be wrong then. If someone breaks into your house right now with 5 armed men trying to take your stuff, and possibly kill you, you should have the right to own a gun good enough to stop 5 men quickly.

There is no need to fear the NRA, NRA is just we the people, millions of members, NRA was created to give black former slaves guns to protect themselves. A noble cause. To protect life.

Grenade launchers are not effective nor safe in a home defense or self defense in public etc. I would much rather have an AR. It’s accurate and has good power. Many people’s lives were saved by them.

@Kusokosla #503
I agree 100 % . Where I'm from, criminals have easy access to weapons today (the importing is a menial task now that EU has reduced Europe's border controls) - and the yearly figure of deaths by gun wounds in my relatively small city have shot up from 0 to close to 30 in a 20 year period.

In the meantime our impotent leftist government is in the process of enforcing a 50-50 gender policy in the police force and has replaced all patrol officers with bureaucrats. They don't even have time to deal with the increasing number of robberies and other "small" crimes because they are too busy with the shootings.

How can I entrust the government for protection and security in an environment and situation like this?


If your neighbour forges money to buy something you also want to buy, should you have the right to forge your own money to outbid him in turn?

You don't see the difference between that and of being able to defend yourself against intruders where possibly your life is at stake?

This, as ever, however, remains a mere total crap thread.
You just can't have any fun with politics and all the morons in it.
And with sense naturally being pre-empted by the choice of topic itself, all that remains is a stinking barren waste.
So there. I detest you all. Let it be noted in the chronicles of the ages and the librams of Echternach.


So you see the parallels? ;)

I mean, the self-defense argument is great and all until you remember that there is a school shooting once a year? in the US and rarely ever in the EU (and in the rare cases where it does happen, the weapons were often obtained at least semi-legally (dad's closet, sport shooting clubs, etc.), not smuggled over the border).