Is Trump finally going down or do we have to suffer much longer?

"All-time high" that you cite is 49% approve and 49% disapprove.And that is NOT his all-time high at all.Those figures are Rasmussen,which has a built-in 4 %-point bias toward the Right.
Dems are holding all the trump cards,kid.They can hold those articles forever,or forward them when the Senate rednecks agree to hear witnesses instead of trying to hide the truth.And actually..the impeachment motion has succeeded..
Stockmarket may well have risen BECAUSE babytrump was indirectly you could say it was all his own work..lolol.


You’re setting yourself up for disappointment, as Trump is likely to win second term. And in the unlikely event that he doesn’t win you’re still setting yourself up for disappointment as you discover that your life will not change one bit regardless of which Politician is in which office.

You picked a team and are cheering for it, not realizing that they are all the same, left and right, just two wings of the same corporate corrupt government bird.

Rasmussen was closer to correct at the last election, markets do not rise because of an peach mint etc.

Your racist comment about Republicans reveals your true colors of a typical racist Liberal Democrat.

LOL @Kusokosla
"Racist comment about Republicans"??What does that even mean ???
Your assertion that Trump is likely to win 2nd term is based solely on Eastern European bookmakers odds on offer.
As an Australian,I don't give a rat's backside whether it's Rep or Dem next time..I'm just happy to see the racist xenophobic mysogynist liar bully friendless Commy-loving money-hungry hypocritic real-estate salesman being brought to account.In the interest of balanced comment,I will mention that there is no credible evidence to suggest he picks his nose and eats it.

at its finest.

Trump's supporters have defended so many embarassing escapades of the guy already that no matter how much more embarassing he gets, it will never be as embarassing for them compared to admitting that the emperor never wore clothes the whole time they defended him.

You guys would have to provide some proof of these “racist, embarrassing, xenophobic” etc. accusations. So far you presented none, only parroted what you heard on TV.

And “redneck” is an insult pointing to white Southerners etc. But Democrats, the party of racism, never care when they are racist towards those they disagree with.

Honestly, I am embarrassed not for Trump being president (okay, a little for Trump being president), but for how the political system has changed: from politicians at least pretending to care about those who they represent first and foremost, to literally just siding with their party on an issue which, if pursued, will make no one better off. If Trump gets taken out of office, Mike Pence will be installed. Pence's views are less moderate than those of Trump. This would hurt the interests of those liberals whom the Democratic representatives are supposed to look out for.
Making it worse is the fact that the grounds are really not impeachment-worthy, in my opinion. Impeachment is designed to provide a way to deal with presidents who use the presidency solely to further their own power, in a manner that is obviously harmful to the nation (e.g. establishing a tyrannical regime). Again, I'm no Trump supporter, but I don't feel that Trump has violated the basic principles upon which the nation was founded.
People keep bringing up Clinton's impeachment (I think I did so earlier as well), but a more valid comparison would be Andrew Johnson. Both Johnson and Trump followed immensely charismatic yet divisive presidents (I dare anyone to make a reasonable argument claiming that Lincoln was not divisive), both were politically unpopular, and both were impeached as a show of power by the other party, despite the fact that neither were really doing anything impeachable.

One percentage point up from yesterday...your rhetoric increases exponentially as a function of Trump's disintegration.

CNN did not "admit"anything.That Fox article rhetoric intentionally uses the perjorative to try to imply CNN was hiding something and was forced to tell the truth...just like what Trump will now have to do. You posted a Fox news report on something one CNN analyst said.What you seem to be blind to is that Trump is still behind.
Fox is the one who should be admitting they backed the wrong horse in a two-horse race.Watch for Murdoch to start abandoning ship..
Oh,by the way..your selective choice of report actually shows that CNN is fair and unbiased by airing their poll results .Nice work, @Kusokosla lol.