Is Trump finally going down or do we have to suffer much longer?

When Trump was elected I predicted that he would fall in less than a 100 days. I was wrong.
Since the evidence against him keeps mounting, I now predict that he will be impeached

What do you think?

fist of all keep politics off this this is chess and second of all they've been trying to get trump for years it's not going to work

There is a long standing tradition of discussing politics in this "off topic" section of Lichess. There's an old saying here in America... "I may disagree with what you say...butt, I will defend to the death your right to say it" Say what you gotta say Samuel. Lets all try to keep it civil. :]

I do...Both Samuel and Gian can type out posts that would make Onyx_Chess proud. (No insult intended) :]

The following quote is targeted and in no way represents my personal opinion of America,the nation that saved my nation from invasion in WW2.(we haven't forgotten)
"As democracy is perfected,the office of the President represents,more and more closely ,the inner soul of the people.On some great and glorious day,the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last,and The White House will be adorned by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron."
H.L.Mencken..The Baltimore Chronicle.
July 26.....1920

Does anyone know what he's actually getting impeached for? I'm not a fan, but I don't know of any impeachable offense of which he is guilty.

I don't think any impeachment will be successful, because he has a card up his sleeve.
A TRUMP card.

#1 Yes...Trump will be impeached...The house, controlled by the democrats, will see to it. As for his trial in the senate, controlled by the republicans...That's going to be quite the political show. I thought that Trump would become "presidential" when he took office...but he has been running the white house like it was his corporate office. This is a man who can't tolerate dissent. Trump should resign for the good of the nation. For the record...I am a registered Independent. :]

It's about whether he pressured Ukraine to start a witch-hunt enquiry about a company that Hunter Biden worked for....that and having stupid hair.

If its for the hair, I 100% support the impeachment.
And I'm a registered member of the Democratic-Republicans
EDIT: Follow up to the hair thing. If Trump gets impeached, I propose we band together and get Fabio Lanzoni into the presidency, because his hair is magnificent. Who's with me?