IQ test

This is somenthing seen in us movie, it is question that main bad guy is asking group of inteligent people.

Man walks in bar and say:
-Help me !
Bartender takes shotgun and fire, and man says:
- Thank You !


@g8h8j8cn The Bartender shoots himself. If the man alive to say thank you after that shot, then it is obvious that the man wasnt shot. And the riddle just says that the bartender fired but not to whom.

No @A_0123456. It's not understandable why would bartender's suicide helped anyone. Answer is more simple and I'm sure You know it . Think.

becouse some guy was in after the man and the bartender shot him

The man who entered the bar was trying to figure out how to clear the jam in the gun. Naturally, the wise barkeep was able to fix it.

@g8h8j8cn The Bartender fired a projectile in the gun but because it was large, it prevented bullets from firing, so the bartender had to pull the trigger extra hard. The projectile slowly budged out. It was the other man who had asked for help with the gun so that man was thankful.