@or_else : so i asked my friend 'bout how her teacher reacted (after your message) and he waas like: yeah, she said that she was going to call the cops, whether or not these "assholes" were insulting them. pretty harsh teacher! XD

im STILL not knowing how to get rid of allllllllllllll those stupid trolls. Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeese help!

Ask them to switch to google meet?
Its what I use, and theres no private chat, If you are the organizer, you can remove or mute/unmute people whenever you want

The Teams administrator for the school needs to set up the meeting defaults so that

* anonymous people cannot start the meeting,
* do not automatically admit people into the meeting
* do not allow dial in users to bypass the lobby

@Dudelsackmusik I have an idea. Chances are if these guys don’t show up in the participants list, they’re a sibling/friend/uninvited person using one of your classmate’s devices. So the next time this happens, try getting everyone to mute, then if anyone is unmuted talk directly to that person. If the response is in the same voice, chances are they’re the imposter

@ekopp2000 , thanks, but it was already done. I'm in Germany right now, so it's morning and I'm woke up because he spammed me again. Asked him, he said it wouldn't work, they've already done that. Charts to @J_SEDA_conant who gave me this wonderful idea which was sadly also tried in the lesson. I'm starting to think they are hackers or professional computer-trained people, but who would storm some kids maths lesson?
Thanks to veryone in the Forum
Sadly still needing help

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