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  3. If chess openings were Pokemon moves what would be leer?

I want to know what opening lowers your foe's defense stat by 1. White or black doesn't matter.

Traitor's opening.

"Leer decreases the Defense stat of all adjacent opponents by one stage."

Even in the Ruy Lopez you decrease the defense ability of the c6 knight with Bb5.


Does that mean that Grob's attack would be splash? :P

I don't know my attacks all that well, but I'm sure it does:D
(mutters to self: Grob's attack?? Splash?? WTF? Just got out of bed 4 c o loud!)

What is 1. e4 ? Closed Sicilian? Open Sicilian? Giuoco Piano? I wonder how everything would match up - there is a limited amount of orthodox openings, so...

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