I9 and pointless: Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the random

I watched a fly on the wall today, not getting the hoopla around your hyped reality show, Ms. Fly.

#25 I had posted a message, then decided it was not a good message I wanted to post.

It's kind of hard deciding whether to post in the ramblings or the I&Ps these days.

@clousems One of your followers steered me to 'ramblings' two years ago to learn how to do posts. He cautioned me I could be banned if I came off as too controversial.

Controversial? I'll have you know that the only people who could possibly be offended by my ramblings are:
-Motorhead fans
-Hare Krishna practitioners
-Johnny Depp
-German Expressionists
-Twilight Fangirls
-The cast of Glengarry Glen Ross
-TLC executives
-The Wachowski Brothers
-French Basketball players
-VIctims of tragic Trolley accidents
-People named Chaz
-Sears employees
-Stupid people
-Gwen Stefani
-Nicholas Cage
-Warwick Davis
-Star Wars nerds
-French authors
-Sarah Palin
-Newt Gingrich
-Al Gore
-The Kardashians
-Toilet paper wizards
-The US Federal Reserve
-Christian Slater
-The NRA
-HP Lovecraft
-Kate Chopin
-Target employees
-Technical writers