I am trading average chess ability for probably whatever you will offer

I will trade you 50 kilograms of Grade#A kangaroo crap for your average ability.Being an honorable kind of a guy,should your ability turn out to be more average than you indicate,I shall naturally increase the amount of 'roo crap accordingly.

@KJVo the reality is "average chess skill" or even a couple hundred points above average, doesn't mean very much on lichess.

The majority of players on lichess come from other chess sites and are usually the more committed type of player. Its unlikely you will run in to many "total noobs" that would be interested in lessons, let alone committed.

@Kanaan92 I am average I think, most people on lichess haven't played very many games just random people show up exactly, I am looking to transfer my average skills through usb drive if you have an offer

@clousems you probably got it because you gave into the flu shot hoax :))

@sikkemur3 : I have some requests:
1. If you are going to troll me, at least make it clever. I would prefer to have insults that can be posted on my insult board.
2. If you are going to spam the forums, at least act like you have something to contribute. Even the now-infamous vertonghen would stay on topic in the forums. And he didn't insult people.
3. Read the ToS. Trolling and spamming are not allowed.

Have a blessed day

I don't understand what is going on, is that an offer?