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how to start streaming
i receive a notifications that Your stream is approved and listed on lichess streamers list.

Thank you

Ah! The wonderful world of streaming.
If you're a guy, good luck trying to get a fanbase unless you want to do "challenges" which usually involve suffering in some way.

If you're a girl oooooh you got big chances. All ya gotta do is wear a extremely tight, or otherwise showy shirt and ya gotta put on a LOT of makeup. Then all you do is get a wide angle camera, or point a regular camera downwards and you're good to go! prepare to have averages of 400,000 viewers on your stream not caring what you're actually doing, just looking at you.

@Loganian Is MGTOW still going strong in US? It looks like it is I wonder whether the interaction between sexes are really so bad in US or whether it s just a myth (I heard this from the people that used to live in my country before they moved to US).

MGTOW ? The urge against having strong relationships?
Oh yeah, You'll commonly see people with up to 5 girlfriends, while it's not "Socially acceptable" By many standards, many people do it and are fine with it. Divorces are so common as well.

@Loganian Well I meant that men are actually avoiding women like in jobs they only talk to another men and generally try to act like they don t exist. Ofc. they don t want to get married to American women and often go to exotic countries like Thailand to get sex If they have enough money as American women are too needy with nasty temperament and will get rid of you first chance they get along with your money.

Oh, yes I know some people who have gone to Mexico or the Phillipines to get wives. Generally speaking they want "submissive" females. (>.> their words not mine)
I don't know how strong that is personally. I live in Texas so with the immigration it's kind of difficult to discern because if they want a foreign wife they just find one that crossed over.


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