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  3. How to see the list of all the players youve faced and your records?

I 4got and can't find it S.O.S.

It's under your profile and stats, I forgot it once too!

- Tools
- Advanced search

You can also search for a specific game.

Sorry, Sissa that's not what I'm talking about. I mean a list of players names that I've played against in order of how many times I've played against them and the result.


This solves your problem:

This is exactly what I'm talking about except I used to have this on lichess and now I can't find it.


I know what you are talking about, but what lichess has or used to have ( I also don't remember where to access it ), as far is I remember was only a partial solution ( something like only for recent opponents / games ).

My page is a fully featured solution, that can filter based on several criteria and list all your games.