How to post a picture in forum?

Does anyone now how to post picture in a forum?

text removed.
Link to imgur-site didn't work

Hey guys, that was only a test image, but now we know that it is not that easy to show a picture.

I saw that some other guy did the same.
Posting a link to imgur.
But then you could see the picture in the posting.

When you copied that picture/ link to another posting, you saw that it was a link.

I have no time to try this out now.

Who liked this version of Mickey Mouse. Looked a bit funny ?

I think it only works with certain host sites

it works. Now after sending this posting. I can see the photo of kimba.

But I have no clue about how to upload something to this i.imgur-site to get the link.

You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!