How important is chess for you?

Hello! Do you like chess? Well, how important is for you?

For me chess is evrything....I love playing evryday, it's an important part of my life...:)

@agapi_chess whatever... It's nothing... Chess means nothing to me. I am serious, I could stop playing tomorrow if I wanted too.
Why worry about those tiny, little pawn, that I can move and control at my will... they mean nothing to me.... Honestly, I can stop right now. You know... It's just a game. I don't need to play. I can, you know,... Stop whenever I want too... I am in control... It okay... Really... I am fine. I don't need chess...

yes. i know...... but i like chess good

I despise chess, the reason i play it is because to show my older siblings, who's the boss!!! And i only play it for the adrenaline rush, which i get in bullet or ultra.