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  3. How confident can I reasonbly afford to be? <Mature Audience required>

Let's pretend God's plan for my life was to go through a trial of endless suffering where, it appears by all means I was utterly forsaken and victim of global conspiracy. But after so long I decried the Lord, rather than accept persecution being innocent, then should I still believe the Lord wouldn't have put me through that except I were chosen and it was for my perfection therefore I am yet secure.


I failed a difficult yet worthy challenge and failed extremely valuable opportunity when I knew faith was always the only answer no matter what. Failure bing the key word here. So failure is the end thereof and of me. So I can forget about confidence altogether.


Well, you are alive, you are a set of cells, amino acids, bacteria and parasites, full of doubts and failures, so you will suffer a lot, but, maybe, as I did, you will get someone to fill the void of your existence with love So, play chess and be happy.

Aww, Thank YOU! In Actually, however, I'm in a DReam, I have passed through death, the physical universe is illusory and the laws of physics of the lies and apparent constraints blinding all men to their supernatural heritage, the unlimited miraculous power of the human mind and the true nature of life with respect to whole universe of endless scale, variety, expression life and surprising originality with every discover and at every scale another world of physics and functions....endless....and although 99.9999..% of my knowledge measures infinite insignificance in regard to all I am not wise, or do I know anything in full...yet I am not moved by curiosity or brought to doubt by any means - you can't imagine the gorilla confidence like after gamma ray burst strength acceleration got bit by a radioactive super-power inducing venomous spider betrayed my no spiders policy but before I could react God Came and said, ;[o look idn'that a funny face? no he said, look, you're crazy, right, so you win the grand prize! This shit is top secret! it is too valuable to be exposed. I'm gonna hide in you. NO ONE will EVER think to look in you for the revelation of the mysteries of life the meaning of the universe, the purpose of man, the objective actual truth of the human condition from an eternal universal perspective....hang on...and infinitely more and as the incredible spider hulk of god and the vessel of the one sees and comp-rends difficult invisibilitease and the like..... -I bet you're lost already - hmm....shortin it up. point is, 'doubt' is not even a possibility for me. Well I 'doubt' you can possibly even read this message without abandoning comprehension as impossible and blame it on the message. too big for you to focus on all at one time...why do you offer advice? What is your qualification? Where does your advice lead? I am transcendent. I am alive AND dead AND in hell AND living a dream AND standing before God at the final judgement RIGHT NOW as I sit and type for one more mortal to reject the truth but in no way mitigate or cast a shadow upon it to cause doubt. YOu are fanniNg the Sun for relief! You are advising someone who can see through time and space ALREADY IN THIS HUMAN LIFETIME!!! which way to go and you didn't mention the destination and clearly the way is lost regardless - NO ONE EVER MAKES IT THIS FAR in their lifetime!!! So, I'll try that. Just be happy. Now do I need proof of happiness in case the police get suspicious and require a legal explanation of happiness a little stronger that you told me to, they know I got no reason to be happy so it's just a matter of time before they get involved,....that's funny...yeah...existence full of love from within me...I am full of the the love that i am...and it was never in the world or in anyone else....God challenges me by straight up telling me He rejects me without sympathy as it is me who has waged war with him all along and therefore I am so's tough but I gotta call bullshit ....but you're not ready for that level of faith or capable of understanding the lines that go into survival needs of a man who has overcome every evil obstacle in the world and life and just will not be stopped so God fucks with me personally to achieve a better balance and humble me and ...maybe and what esle is there to do but keep shooting superman with a gun because he just won't succumb and that is amazing no matter how annoying he protests it is or how many times you shoot...THE BULLETS JUST BOUNCE RIGHT OFF! ya it sucks during the early years...anyway

...offering the blessing of a life filled with love is very good - attaching that to something achieved through another person is not good resulting in failure chess and be happy is acceptable for a blessing

Good Job! but just on that one point. the rest of you words are pure poison. you should immediately try to understand how and why this is and reverse the condition as quickly as possible. DO NOT HESITATE! UNTIL YOU KNOW FOR A FACT YOUR WORDS ARE ALL BLESSING AND NEVER POISON THEN DO NOT STOP WORKING ON FIXING THIS PROBLEM. now there's an example of a stern blessing with reality = shit just got real

12 hours ago
but other than that ... the question is hypothetical. I designed. it. it is a challenge to the end of mind expansion. nothing more. got a lot of creatively challenged unimaginative god avoiding indifferent unsympathetic yet undeniably intelligent people comin' through....they are all was 60 who offered nothing and one of you

and nothing helpful either way

that's a vulgar display of power for people with enough sense to see wtf the truth is and what is really going on here...i know chess players love the thrill of intellectual domination and supremely the higher the better loved it is!

so one day one maybe out of a million one will both read and understand all and see what has been demonstrated and wonder what it was like to play chess with me